5 Reasons Why Cubic Zirconia

Created to simulate diamonds, CZ is a true diamond substitute that comes in many variations. This blog will help you understand everything about Cubic Zirconia and Why you need CZ Jewellery in your life!

What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic zirconia is a popular manmade gem that can fool anyone into thinking it’s the real deal. It is hard, durable, and sparkles like diamonds. Most often created in labs, you can find natural cubic zirconia in rare circumstances.


How is Cubic Zirconia Made?

Cubic zirconia is made of melting powered zirconium with a stabilizing agent at over 4000ºF for many hours.

These crystals are then cut and polished, there are many ways to cut a CZ crystal to mimic the shape of a diamond. 


Why should you consider Cubic Zirconia over Diamonds and other Gemstones? 

Here are 5 reasons why!


1. Durable

Cubic Zirconia is rated 8.5 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale (a scale of hardness used in classifying minerals)

Because cubic zirconia is manmade, they offer durability and are perfect options for everyday jewellery. 

2. Brilliant Colour

White cubic zirconia is as brilliant and beautiful in its own way as the diamond. It is the perfect D-colour as that is as rare as a real diamond.

3. Will Not Rust

Cubic zirconia will not rust. 

With that being said, like all jewellery, we still recommend removing them before doing any water-related activities like swimming, taking a bath etc.

4. Sparkles Just Like A Diamond

Cubic zirconia gemstones have a theoretical advantage over diamonds in terms of reflecting light. In fact, these gems are defined as having a higher dispersion index than diamond.

Diamond: 0.044
Cubic zirconia: 0.058-0.066

5. More Affordable Than Diamonds

Cubic Zirconia is a fraction of the price of Diamond.

The significant price difference between the synthetic Cubic Zirconia and the occurring diamond, is a major factor why many people opt for a cubic zirconia stone jewellery instead. 

Now that you know what cubic zirconia is and why it is such a wonderful option for jewelry, check out some of our affordable unique jewellery crafted from CZ.

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